Summer programs in Switzerland: 18 best courses for students

Summer programs in Switzerland

Summer camps at Switzerland usually proud of its location. Beautiful nature are usually close summer camps and foreign students can enjoy views of mountains, lakes and visit popular cities. Each student …

Study bachelor in Switzerland: 10 best universities to consider

List of popular universities for bachelor studying:

University of Geneva:

  • Location: Geneva, Switzerland;
  • Total number of students: 16.500;
  • Type of education: mixed;
  • Bachelor’s programs: more than 129;
  • Main educational directions:
    • Exact sciences;
    • Medicine;
    • Humanities;
    • Social …

Fees for schools in Switzerland for international students

List of popular Switzerland schools:

Leysin American School:

  • Year of foundation: 1960;
  • Location: Leysin;
  • Type of education: mixed;
  • Average annual tuition fee: CHF 99.000.

Eden School:

  • Location: Veyrier-Geneva;
  • Type of education: mixed;
  • Average annual tuition …

Secondary education in Switzerland: top 10 schools to consider

Secondary education consists of two steps:

  • Lower secondary;
  • Upper secondary.

International young students join lower secondary education at 11 -12 years old. The educational course lasts 3 - 4 years. The upper secondary education is …

University preparation in Switzerland: deadlines and requirements

Switzerland has three official languages:

  • French;
  • German;
  • Italian.

It is a good opportunity for international students to extend knowledge about European atmosphere and culture and enrich language skills. Foreign students, before entering Switzerland university, should …

Applying for universities in Switzerland for free

World’s most favourite tourist destination is also known as perfect destination for study abroad. Educational period is full of wide and interesting student's life and excellent academic achievements and research. With diverse landscapes, cultural variety, …

10 secondary schools in Switzerland: rankings and fees

Switzerland educational system

Switzerland's educational system has two forms of secondary schools: public and private schools. Educational process divides in 3 parts:

  • Junior – for international students from 6 to 9 years old, which includes …

Send my kid to a boarding school in Switzerland: 10 tips for parents

List of boarding school advantages:

  • Educational equipment and school infrastructure;
  • Learning Independence;
  • Development of relationships and communication skills;
  • Development ambition: educational, social;
  • Learning conflict resolution.

Switzerland already has a great basis of education, which highly …

25 best public schools in Switzerland: requirements

Public schools in Switzerland

Students can enter schools, where language of instructions can be German, French, Italian or even Romansch. However, language block is very wide and international students can study second official language and/or …

7 tips on how to get into top 10 schools in Switzerland

As already been mentioned, Switzerland educational system covers all steps of education and Switzerland institutions ranks top positions at world rating. First, applicants should understand all reasons that led them to choose Switzerland for future …

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