7 tips on how to get into top 10 schools in Switzerland

7 tips on how to get into top 10 schools in Switzerland

As already been mentioned, Switzerland educational system covers all steps of education and Switzerland institutions ranks top positions at world rating. First, applicants should understand all reasons that led them to choose Switzerland for future education. Then choose wisely list of interesting schools, educational programs.

Requirements for applicants depend on

  • Educational program;
  • Educational peculiarities of a student's country;
  • Students’ academic performance.

There are special admission requirements in some Switzerland schools, so it is better to contact to school for extra and detailed information. Next, future students prepare translation of all documents into language of the school. According to location and rules of the school, it can be French, Italian or German. Swiss Embassy can help to translate all documents; such a service is available there.

The typical list of documents from applicants to enter school at Switzerland:

  • Application form;
  • Passport and certified copy;
  • Previous academic achievements;
  • Personal information;
  • Motivation letter;
  • Language proficiency (certificates);
  • Application fee.

If foreign students do not have a language certificate, they need to pass a language test during personal interview or via Skype. Special intensive language courses are offered by many Swiss schools, so applicants can improve their level of language. After all package documents are prepared and all tests are completed, foreign students need to submit their application. Usually, future students:

Visit the official website of the school;

Check requirements for admission;

Contact to school through official web-portal or by email.

After all admission procedures applicant should have an open educational visa. All necessary information can be found at Swiss Embassy or Consulate.

It is better to submit application in the spring semester for studies beginning the following academic year.

List of popular Swiss schools:

  • Saint-Charles Collège et Lycée:
    • Educational type: mixed;
    • Location: Canton of Jura, Switzerland;
    • Accommodation: boarding form.
  • College Du Leman: 
    • Co-educational form;
    • Location: Geneva;
    • Type of accommodation: residence.
  • Institute Monte Rosa:
    • Mixed form of education;
    • Location: Montreux, Switzerland;
    • Accommodation type: boarding house.
  • Leysin American School:
    • Type of education: mixed;
    • Location: Leysin;
    • Accommodation type: boarding form.
  • Surval Montreux boarding school:
    • Separate school for girls;
    • Location: Montreux;
    • Accommodation option: residence.
  • College Champittet:
    • Type of education: co-educational;
    • Accommodation option: residence.
  •  Lyceum Alpinum Zuoz:
    • Type of education: mixed;
    • Location: Zuoz;
    • Type of accommodation: boarding house.
  • Aiglon College:
    • Co-educational type;
    • Location: Chesieres;
    • Type of accommodation: boarding house.
  • Swiss International Boarding School:
    • Type of education: mixed;
    • Location: Leukerbad;
    • Accommodation: boarding house.
  • HIF Swiss International School and Sports Academy:
    • Educational type: mixed;
    • Location: Graubünden, Switzerland;
    • Accommodation type: boarding house.

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