Study visa in Switzerland, requirements for students and how to apply

Study visa in Switzerland, requirements for students and how to apply

To determine the language level, Swiss authorities organize test for international students.

Types of visa

Duration of studying is main factor in classifying visa type:

  • C Visa – visa for short-time stay, optimal variant for summer and language schools, seminars. Its duration is 3 months.
  • D Visa – long-term visa for studying, work and living in Switzerland. Foreign students receive Schengen visa, lasting 1 year with the option of extension.

How to apply for Visa?

By receiving the acceptance letter from university, it is necessary to organize an appointment with  Swiss embassy or consulate. Be sure that you do all in advance, as it takes much time. Еhis issue should be addressed in 6 months before start of studying. Application process for short-term visa will take 10-15 days, in case of long-term visa – period increases to 8-10 weeks.

The language of provided documents: English, French or German. In case of other language of documents foreign student should have its certified translation.

Visa requirements

The list of documents for long-term visa:

  • 3 forms of application filled
  • 4 photos
  • Copy of passport
  • Acceptance letter from university
  • Proof of payment (tuition and registration fees)
  • Motivation letter
  • CV
  • Proof of financial coverage (around 21 000 CHF).

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